Meetup – WordPress SEO

Chris Edwards – Optimizing Your Website and Identifying Quality Content for SEO

SEO is a broad topic with many pieces and parts. I will dive into some of the secret tricks I have used on over 450 different websites that help them out rank their competition. I will focus on WordPress and one page websites/landing pages. Time permitting, I will discuss the importance of creating a blog for your business, covering how to write your topic title, best way to structure your article and how to identify the best content to blog about that will generate the best quality traffic.

Sandy Edwards – Local SEO and Why it Is Vital

Local SEO plays a large part in the overall placement of your website on the search engines. It involves 4 major players and 3 main ideas. Come and join us to see how to go about making sure your business, or organization’s Local SEO can be improved. I will discuss Google Plus, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp listings and how to claim and optimize them. Also, I will cover the importance of the local listing providers, local citations, and why reviews matter. Time permitting, I will walk you through some of the roadblocks you can run into with local listings and how to overcome them.

Tools covered during this meetup:

Desk.PM – Minimal Writing interface for all sorts of platforms

PostStatus – Daily WP news from a talented developer and writer

DeepCrawl – High Performance Website Crawler

Hemingway App – Improve your writing

Grammarly – automatically find and correct writing mistakes

Smart Manager – WP eCommerce bulk editor for product management

August was All About Blogging!

Our August meetup was focused on the topic of blogging. We had three amazing speakers come out to share their knowledge with us!

First up was Bess Auer of FlBlogCon, who taught us a bit about creating offline opportunities for online success:

Next up, Gloria Rand told us about three major SEO mistakes that are keeping bloggers from attracting readers, and how we can fix those:

Finally, Angel Yarde taught us a bit of what she knows about blogging for longevity, organizing your blog, and being consistent with it:

Overall, it was an excellent event with a tremendous amount of information shared. Thanks again to all of our great speakers, and also a huge thanks to Diana Sacoto for once again recording and editing the talks!

2014 Hosting Survey

We’re looking to find the best hosts for WordPress! After so many users asking for suggestions, with so many solutions being offered, we realized that a lot of decisions are made purely on opinion. Now we’re crowdsourcing those opinions to get the best host for an average WordPress website. If your favorite host wasn’t listed, I apologize, but add it to the form and we’ll include it in results.

Please share the link to this survey around. The more responses that we get, the more accurate the results are when we present them. The survey runs until 31 July 2014.



Andrew Norcross – The Business of Plugins

Norcross came over from Tampa to talk plugins, and how he views the ecosystem surrounding them. Check out the video for a freeform talk, without slides or guides, as he shares a lot of great advice for prospective plugin developers.

After his solo talk, Norcross joins Adam Soucie and David Parsons, moderated by David Yarde, for a discussion about plugins. They talk development theory, disruptive industries, suggestions for useful plugins, how to determine if a plugin is good and more.

Thanks to Diana Sacoto for the high quality video this month!

Lisa Melegari – Clean Content

For our second talk at the Spring Cleaning Meetup, Lisa Melegari taught us a bit about cleaning up content on your site, as well as reviewing past content to make sure that it complies with best SEO practices.

Strip away SEO tricks and the core principal of ranking on Google is quality content. Google loves fresh, clean content and sometimes our page lists and blog rolls can get a bit clogged. De-clutter your old content, put a fresh spin on your best articles, and see how a little spring cleaning can improve your WordPress site performance!

Gregory Pearcey – Sparkling Structures

At the Spring Cleaning Meetup, Gregory Pearcey taught us a bit about making site structures and sitemaps to determine what pages we need, as well as investigating the template structure of a theme.

Most of us choose our WordPress themes based on the way it looks and we end up doing zero research on our theme’s template structure. Luckily WordPress allows us to easily modify our theme’s template structure, so that any theme can have a solid foundation. This presentation will review what files your theme should have that help to keep viewers engaged on your site. It will also cover how to alter your theme’s files, so they are optimized for search engines, leaving you with a theme that has a sparkling structure.

Adam Soucie – Dirtless Databases

Adam Soucie - Dirtless Databases

At the Spring Cleaning meetup on 3 May, Adam Soucie discussed methods for cleaning up your WordPress database and why you should do it. He offers several suggestions, including optimizing and repairing tables, as well as shows some code snippets to help and suggests plugins to use. Check out his slide deck below.

Is your site still running slow, like it’s just coming out of hibernation? Have you tried every optimization trick from caching to throwing cash at it? It might just be your database dragging you down. For both dedicated developers and beginner bloggers, we’ll show you MySQL commands, WordPress functions, and easy-to-use plugins that’ll get your databases slimmed down and ready for swimsuit season

For more information on Adam and his work, check out his site at, and follow him on Twitter.

Adam Soucie – XML-RPC Vulnerability

Adam Soucie - XML-RPC Vulnerability

Adam walked through the XML-RPC exploit, what it means and how it can affect your site. He then gave three easy ways that you can fix this problem on your site if it hasn’t been done already.

The XMLRPC exploit is one of the biggest security issues facing WordPress today. I’ll show you some simple fixes to protect your site.
More info:

Check out Adam’s notes on how easy it is to fix this vulnerability below:

Stopping the XML-RPC Hack

Russ Sanderlin – Securing your WordPress Site

Russ Sanderlin - Securing Your Site

The final talk of the evening was some sage advice on methods of securing your WordPress site. Russ went through several plugins that can be used, both free and paid, as well as the functions of each. Other good tips were shared as well.

In the world of information technology, security is a paramount concern and to be taken seriously. Last year, EnableSecurity found that 73% of the 40,000 most popular WordPress sites were vulnerable to attack. WordPress is the most popular content management package, which makes it an attractive target to hackers. In this session I will cover steps to make your WordPress site secure and safe.

Slides and notes below:
Securing Your WordPress Site 040814